JIRA: "Invalid jira_done_statuses values" Sync Error



When initiating a sync between SD Elements and JIRA for the first time, you may encounter a failure resulting in the following error message “Invalid jira_done_statuses values”.



Ensure your global JIRA integration stipulates which JIRA states should correspond to the DONE state in SD Elements.

1) Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the SD Elements interface, and select “Integration”.

2) Select your previously added JIRA integration.

3) In the section “Advanced JIRA Configuration”, ensure the field labeled “States which map to DONE in SD Elements” is populated with the word “Done”, or whichever JIRA states are appropriate in your environment.


 4) At the bottom of this configuration page, click “Save”

 5) Initiate a new sync with JIRA to confirm that you have resolved the error.

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