Customization: Profiles

Background: Understand: SD Elements Content Customization

Permission required: Global Roles->Customization->Customize content

SD Elements allows for custom profile creation.

Add/Edit profile

You can create a new profile by clicking on the "Add Profile" button. You can modify an existing profile by clicking on its title from the Customization->Profiles page.

Inside of the Add New Profile / Edit Profile page, you will see the following fields:

  • Name: The title of the profile. This name will appear in the Add Project page.
  • Help Text: An optional description of the profile.
  • Initial answers: A set of answers that will automatically be selected whens somebody creates a project with this profile. These work exactly the same as implied answers in project setting customization. You will get an error if you introduce a cyclic conflict, which is when two answers imply different answers in a single choice question.

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