How to Use SD Elements for New Applications

Start by modelling your application in SD Elements. Since this is a new application, you may not know all of the details just yet. Don't worry - simply fill out the project settings to the best of your ability.

Note that if any of the options below do not appear for you, it probably means you do not have sufficient permissions. Contact your administrator for additional permissions.

1. Determine what level of security you want to build into your application. If you want to implement all security requirements then proceed to step 2. If you only want to implement the highest priority requirements, open the filter sidebar and select "High (7-10)" in the priority area.

2. Review each task in the Requirements, Architecture & Design, & Development phases on the Tasks page. Determine if any fall outside the scope of development or are not applicable. Mark out of scope tasks as "N/A". Leave a note explaining why you marked it this way.

3. Decide whether or not you want to use ALM integration. If not, you can assign tasks to individual developers in SD Elements.

4. Once you have implemented the requirements, your QA or security testers should go through the "Testing" phase and verify the tasks as Pass / Fail.


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