Settings for support contact and information

To change and/or verify these settings for your On Site Deployment of SD Elements you will need to log into the appliance using a shell/ssh client.

Note: You will either need to be superuser or a member of the sde_admin group to access/edit the files.

Edit the file /docs/sde/live/code/sigma/

These are the related settings along with their defaults. If you can't locate any of them, just add them:

#E-mail address to which user feedback will be sent.


#E-mail to use as default "from" field.


# Link for Help Center


#Custom login page message (can be HTML snippet)


#Custom login page subtitle message (can be HTML snippet)

#LOGIN_SUBTITLE = 'Software Security Requirements System" 


You need to restart the application/web server after changing that file. You can do so by running:

> sde apache restart

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