User Management: Users

Background: Understand: SD Elements Permissions

Permission required: Global Roles->User Management->Add user

The users page displays a list of all users currently in SD Elements, their names, global roles, and status (i.e. whether or not they are disabled). Email addresses are the primary identifier in SD Elements, and so must be unique. Note that the email address field is case-sensitive. If you use SAML or LDAP authentication then users will be automatically added to the system the first time they access SD Elements.

Add New/ Edit User

You can create a new user by clicking on the Add New User button. You can modify an existing user by clicking on the email address in User Management->Users page.

Inside of the Add New User / Update User page, you will see the following fields:

  • E-mail: A valid email address which is the unique identifier for the user. NOTE: SD Elements requires a valid email address for password reset functionality, as well as e-mail based features such as task notification. Email addresses are not case-sensitive.
  • First Name and Last Name: User's first and last names
  • Role: The user's global role.
  • Groups: The groups a user is directly a member of. See "User Management: Groups" for more.
  • Enabled: All users are enabled by default. Checking this box will make them disabled, which means they cannot authenticate into the system. Disabled users will not receive any email notifications.

For existing active users you may also see a reset password button:

  • Reset Password: You can reset a user's password. This will automatically send them an email with instructions on how to set a new password. If there are technical issues with sending or receiving emails from SD Elements, you can also copy and paste the link that appears after you click on this button. Note that the password reset expires after 72 hours. If the user fails to authenticate during this time you will need to reset the password again.

Add Users in Bulk

In order to assign tasks and add users to projects, you must first add them to the user list. For LDAP & SAML authentication, you may wish to assign users before they have accessed the application for the first time. Add users in bulk allows you to solve this problem by adding users to the system in bulk. You simply need to upload a CSV file with three columns: email address, first name and last name. You can click on the link on this page to see an example of such a file.

After uploading the file, the users will be added to the system but will not have credentials. They will only be able to authenticate through SAML, LDAP or if you manually reset their password.


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