System: Customizing Task Status

Permission required: Super admin account

This article is to demonstrate how to customize the Task Status.

We have a feature to customize the Task Status with SD Elements. By default we have three Task Status defined NA,TODO and DONE. You might need to add additional Task Status based on the project requirements. For example, suppose you want to have few tasks which might not be applicable for the present project, however you would like to have these tasks for future reference you can create a custom Task Status for it.

To create or edit a custom Task Status you need to login with a Super Admin user.

From the Top right corner select Task Status from the System drop down menu.




You can create a new Task status by clicking on the "Add Status" button. 



Inside of the Add Status page, you will see the following fields:

Slug: This is the short description of the Task Status, delimited by underscores.

Icon: You can chose an icon best suited for our purpose from the given list.

Name: Name of the Task Status.

Meaning: You can select the best suited option from NA,TODO and DONE.

Requires Comment: Force users to enter a task note when transitioning to this status.

Once you are done with completing the details, the changes can be saved by clicking "Add Status" button. Now the newly added Task Status can be seen in the Task Status list as shown in the below screen shot.




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