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The Glossary lets you define terms that are specific to your domain or otherwise uncommon terms that need to be referenced to provide additional information regarding a specific topic.

A glossary term consists of the following 3 components:

  1. Term - The term keyword that appear in the Glossary and Tasks.
  2. Summary - A short excerpt that will appear in the tooltips and listings.
  3. Text - Full description that is shown in the term's detail page.

The "Summary" and "Text" fields both support the use of Markup to give your content styling and a hierarchal presentation. 

To embed the glossary term in a document, use the "Copy Link" button and paste the reference link into the document you are working on. The "Copy Link" button (outlined in red below) is available after you save a term, when editing an existing term or from the main Glossary list view.


Use Case: Adding a Glossary Term to a Task

Using the illustration above, the "Heartbleed" glossary definition can be inserted into a Task so that assigned users can easily identify, reference and communicate domain specific terminology. As seen below, simply hovering over the term will produce a short summary, and clicking on the term or the 'Read More' link will provide more detail.


Adding a Term

You can add a glossary term by clicking on the "+Add Term" button.


Editing a Term

You can modify an existing term by clicking on the "Edit Term" button from the dropdown located on the Glossary list page. Also, from the detail view of the term itself which can be accessed by clicking on the Term title from the Glossary list.


Deleting a Term

A term can only be deleted from the edit form.

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