Applications: Add New Project

Add New Project

Permission required: Global Roles->Project Management->Add project

The "Add New Project" page allows you to create a new project for a given application. This page has the following columns:

  • Project name: A way to describe the project. For example the version of the current application.
  • Description: A way to describe the application to other users.
  • Profile: Select a profile to get started with appropriate default values for project settings. You'll have the opportunity to change the values later on. Select "No Profile" if you do not want to have any project settings automatically selected or if none of the profiles match your application.
  • Users: The names of all the users in your system that you can add to this project. You can assign different project-specific roles to each user to control their access rights. Note that administrative users have read-only access to every project. Here are the default roles that come with SD Elements:
    • No Access: This user will not be able to view or edit the project.
    • Read-Only: This user can view the project, but cannot make any changes.
    • Normal: This user can view the project and change the project settings, change the status of tasks, and add notes.
    • Manage Project: Same as a normal user, with additional permissions to archive (i.e. close down) the project, change the project description, add/remove/change users and their roles for the project.
    • Custom Roles: Administrator can create custom project roles on top of the ones that ship by default.

Clicking on Create Project will take you to the Project page.




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