SD Elements OnSite Deployment Requirements

SD Elements OnSite Deployment is provided in the form of a Virtual Appliance.


  • VMWare ESXi 4.1 or more recent
  • Minimum 4 GB memory
  • For CPU requirements see the attached sheet below
  • Minimum 80 GB of disk space / Recommended 128 GB of disk space (see attached sheet for more information)
  • One Static Internal IP
  • DNS name (e.g. sde.)
  • Intranet SSL Certificate for HTTPS (OpenSSL/Apache compatible format)
  • Inbound traffic needed VM:
    • TCP port 80 (HTTP)
    • TCP port 443 (HTTPS)
    • TCP port 22 (SSH) for maintenance/management
  • Outbound Intranet SMTP Email access
  • Outbound HTTPS access to domain for fetching updates that are available every 6 weeks
  • Recommended – VPN connection or Webex sharing for SD Elements Debugging/Maintenance


  • The Virtual appliance is provided through secure download

Note: Please refer to the attached file for specific hardware requirements.

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