Understand: Applications and Projects

An application in SD Elements is a representation of real world software. Examples of applications include an online banking application, a game for mobile phones, a desktop publishing application, or software running on an embedded device. Applications contain one or more projects. A project is simply an instance of an application. Most projects represent either a release of an application (e.g. Q4 Release of Online Banking), a single component of a multi-tiered application (e.g. web server component of a mobile game), or both. We recommend modeling each client-side application, such as a mobile app, separately from the server side. Complex, multi-component applications should be modeled as a separate project for each component. Practically speaking, all work in SD Elements is done in projects. Applications serve as containers for projects and do not contain much data themselves.


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    Mikko Saario

    I think this advise is outdated, projects seem to be called releases now.