Applications: Active & Deleted

The main landing page in SD Elements is the Applications page. This presents a list of all applications that you have access to. The list has the following columns:

  • Priority: The priority of the application with respect to security. For example, an Internet facing .com web application might be high priority. Depending on your permissions, you may be able to edit this value.
  • Application Name: The name of the application. Clicking on the application name will take you to the corresponding project page.
  • Projects: The number of the projects in the application. Clicking on this number reveals a list of the individual projects in the application, offering a quick way to navigate to a specific project.
  • Last modified: The last time the application was modified.
  • Actions: The final drop down arrow at the end of the row reveals a set of actions that you have permissions to perform. Currently, the only action available is "Add New Project". Permission required to add new projects: Global Roles->Project Management->Add project

Active vs. Deleted Applications

Permission required to delete applications: Global Roles->Project Management->Delete application

Once an application is deleted, it is not permanently removed from the system. You can restore a project by going to Applications->Deleted, clicking on the drop down arrow of the corresponding row, and clicking Restore.

Deleted applications are not included in enterprise reporting, such as the global Completion Report. Their projects cannot be viewed or edit until the application is restored.

If you wish to permanently delete applications, can you do so by clicking on the Permanently Remove All button in the Applications->Deleted page.

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