Applications: Projects List

Permission required: Project Roles->Project Management->View Project

  • The projects page lists all projects for a given application. This page provides the following columns:
    • Profile: An image corresponding to the application's profile, such as Java EE web application.
    • Project Name: The project's name
    • Tasks Remaining by Priority: The number of tasks across all phases that are in a TODO state for the highest priority grouping. For example, if you have 1 or more TODO tasks in High priority (i.e. Priority 7-10) then the number of TODO high tasks appears here. If you have completed all High tasks, then Medium priority (i.e. Priority 4-6) appears. If these are also completed then Low priority (i.e. priority 1-3) appears.
    • Users: The number of users in the project. Clicking on the button will reveal a list of all of the user names, email address, and roles.
    • Last Modified: The last time the application was modified by any user.
    • Actions: The final drop down arrow at the end of the row reveals a set of actions that you have permissions to perform. Available actions include:
      • Overview: Go straight to the overview page of the project.
      • New Release: Create a new release of this project.
      • Edit Project: Change the project. This is the same as going to Overview->Edit in the Project page.
      • Archive Project: Archive or unarchive the project.
  • You can add tags to a project from this page. Hovering over a project will display the tags widget. Users can enter multiple tags, each will be added in turn. The widget will auto-complete partially entered tags to help making tagging easier. If you want to ignore a suggestion from the auto-complete press the escape key.

Add New Application

Permission required: Global Roles->Project Management->Add application

Clicking on the Add New Application button will take you to the new application page. Enter the application name and click "Create New Application". Once the application is created you will immediately be taken to "Add New Project""

Delete Application

Permission required: Global Roles->Project Management->Delete application

Deletes the entire application.


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