Project: New Content Updates Available Button

Permission required: Project Roles->Project Management->Edit project survey

Every time you open an SD Elements project it will automatically be indexed against any new content updates that may apply to your project. If there are basic updates to the content itself, such as changes to text or new How Tos, these updates are applied seamlessly without any action from you. If, however there are new tasks or tasks that should be removed because of modified rules, then you will see the "New Content Updates Available" button in place of the "Project Settings" button.

Clicking on this button reveals a list of all of the new or removed tasks in your project. You can choose to Defer Updates or Accept Updates. Deferring updates means that the new content changes will not be reflected in your list of tasks. Accepting updates, on the other hand, means that updated tasks will be reflected in your list of tasks. You should only click on "Defer updates" if you wish to keep the list of tasks static. Clicking on "Defer updates" may leave you at risk of not tracking against the latest security vulnerabilities.

NOTE: You can still access project settings by toggling to the project settings view on the left side of the screen. However, if you make any changes to project settings you will automatically accept new updates. (When you update your project settings SD Elements always rebuilds your task list, so these updates will be included as part of that process if they apply after your changes.)

New content updates available button:


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