Project: Filters Sidebar

Permission required: Altleast Project role-->Project Management -->View Project on that sepcific project.

Clicking on the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen opens the Filters sidebar. You can search for tasks in the Search tasks field.

You can also filter tasks by status, priority, assigned user, category, verification or tags. Category is a broad categorization of tasks with the following values:

  • Broad categories:
    • Cryptography: Related to cryptography.
    • Data Privacy: Related to data privacy.
    • Authentication: Related to authentication.
    • Configuration Management: Related to system configuration as opposed to code.
    • Input Validation: Related to user/untrusted input.
    • File Handling: Related to handling files.
    • Authorization: Related to authorization.
    • Data Storage: Related to data storage.
    • Logging and Error Handling: Related to logs or error handling.
    • Password Management: Related to passwords.
    • Code Quality: Related to quality of code, not necessarily directly security.
    • Output Encoding: Related to encoding output, such as escaping output in HTML.
    • Privilege Management: Related to privilege management.
    • Data Validation: Related to validating user/untrusted input.
    • Backend Connectivity: Related to connections in the backend, such as databases.
    • Session Management: Related to session management, such as cookies.
  • Specific technologies:
    • Unmanaged Language: Specific for unmanaged programming languages, such as C/C++.
    • E-Mail: Affect e-mail functionality.
    • XML and Web Services: Related to XML and/or web services.
    • Operating System: Involves interaction with the operating system.
    • Browser Technologies: Affects web browsers.
  • Mobile Apps Specific: Related to mobile apps.
  • Verification/Testing:
    • Requires Manual Verification: Must be verified manually, cannot rely on automated tools without customization.
    • Functional Test Available: Can be tested from user interface without special tools.
    • BlackBox Test: Can be tested from the front-end using special tools.
  • Others:
    • Frequently Customized: Frequently customized by our users.
    • *Misc: This category is deprecated and will be removed.
    • Confidentiality: This category is deprecated and will be removed.
    • Data Validation and Sanitization: This category is deprecated and will be removed.

Keyword search allows you to filter the list of tasks in the currently selected phase by keyword. This is useful if you're looking for specific tasks, such as all the tasks related to "authentication".

Note: that it may take up to 1 hour for the search indexing system to register updates to custom content.

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