Project: Overview

The overview presents on overall picture of the project.

  • Profile: presents an image of the kind of project that was initially selected during project creation. Note that after project creation the profile cannot be changed.
  • Progress: section indicates how many tasks have been completed. For example, if the progress total is 2 of 145 then this means that 2 of the tasks across all phases have been marked as complete, and there are 145 total tasks that are either Done or TODO. Tasks marked as Not Applicable are not counted in the total.
  • Users: section displays the users that have access to this project, their email, and their role.
  • Activity Log: displays all actions that have occurred on the project, sorted by date. The following actions are displayed in the activity log:
    • Creating a project
    • Changes to project settings
    • Changes to a task status
    • Add or editing a note
    • Assigning / unassigning a user from a task
    • Adding or removing a user from the project
    • Changing a user's role in a project
    • Importing a security scanning report
  • Delete: button deletes the project. Permission required to delete a project: Global Roles->Project Management->Delete Project
  • Edit: button lets you change information about the project. Specifically, you can change the project name, description, and users who have access. Permission required to edit a project: Project Roles->Project Management->Edit project details and users
  • Archive and Unarchive: buttons put the project into archived and active mode respectively. Projects are active by default. Archived projects are closed for editing and may only be re-opened by somebody who has the appropriate permissions to unarchive. You should only archive a project when development for the project has finished, or you have created a new release of the project and will no longer be working on the current project. Permission required to edit a project: Project Roles->Project Management->Archive project
  • Create New Release: button creates a new release of the project. Clicking on this button takes you immediately to the new project's creation page. Permission required to edit a project: Global Roles->Project Management->Add project

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