How to Model an Application

This tutorial shows how to quickly model an application in SD Elements. For more detailed documentation, please review the User Guide.


1) Log in to SD Elements.

2) Select a Business Unit.

2a. If you are adding a new business unit, click the + button to the right.

2b. Fill in the details required and assign SD Elements users to the new business unit, then click Create.

3) Select the Application from the dropdown menu.

3a. If this is the first time modelling the application in SD Elements, click the + button on the right. Fill in the name, and then click "Create New Application" button to the right.


*If you do not see this option, contact your administrator and ask for permission to create applications.

4) If you are adding a new project to an existing application, select the application from the list on this page and then click "Add New Project" button on the right.

4a. Fill in the details on the Add New Project screen pictured below.

5) Fill out the Project Survey for your project to the best of your ability. Don't worry if you are missing information: you can always update the survey later. This process generally takes 10-15 minutes.

6) First select the profile you want to use and click "Select and continue to Project Settings".

7) After selecting the profile, it will take you to the Project Survey page; answer the questions and then click on "Save and Close".

You have now modelled an application in SD Elements. 

Next steps

  • If you are writing a new application, see this article
  • If you are reviewing an existing application, see this article 


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