Work around Session Timeout with SSO authentication and redirection to login page


We have a Session Expiry Policy middleware, and a Login Required Middleware.

At the session timeout mark the first middleware will terminate the user's session.

The second middleware will redirects to the login url.

To fix the issue you have to edit the file located in /docs/sde/live/code/sigma and add the following:



The values you can change are:

# Session expires in 2 day

# Inactive timeout is 2 hours

The first sets an absolute time of two days for all sessions. The second sets a 2 hour timeout if a session has been sitting idle.

This will prevent the users with a timed out session from going to that login page, but will redirect them to the home page and the SSO should log you in again.

After you edit the file, you will need to run:

> sudo service apache2 restart

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