Reporting: Global Reports

Permission required: Project Roles -> Project Management -> Edit Custom Reports

NOTE: Global Reports is a new feature that provides a way for generating a list of projects based on user-defined criteria. This is an early version of the functionality designed to solicit user feedback.

More advanced reporting covering other filters or artifacts other than projects can be achieved using the API. If you have a specific reporting need that cannot be satisfied using the main application please contact

The Global Reports page lists all custom global reports.This page provides the following columns:

  • ID: A system-generated project identifier
  • Title: User defined report title
  • Creator: The user who created the report
  • Last ModifiedThe last time the report was modified by any user.



  • Click on a report title to view/edit the report
  • Click "Add New Report" to create a new custom project report
  • Click on the drop down menu (pictured above) to reveal additional features (ie. CSV Download)

CSV Download: Downloads a CSV file of all the information contained within the report page itself.



Generate a list of projects based on user-defined criteria. All of the selections are combined together to produce the final list of projects.

  • Application: Select one or more applications to short-list which projects are in scope for the report. An empty selection implies all applications are in scope (default).
  • Projects: Specify which projects to include. An empty selection implies all projects are in scope (default).
  • Project Tags: Choose one or more user-defined project tags to refine the list of projects. An empty selection implies all project tags are in scope (default).
  • State: Projects are either active (default) or archived. Filter projects based on their state.

Further refine projects based on their tasks:

  • Priority: Include projects that have tasks of High, Medium, and/or Low priority.
  • Phase: Include projects having tasks associated with particular phases
  • Task Tags: Select tasks to be included for the Completion Criteria based on certain tags (NOTE: This will not filter projects by having certain tasks, it will only affect how the Completion percentage is calculated)

Each project in the generated list includes:

  • Application: Application name
  • Project: Name of the project
  • Tags: Project tags
  • Completion: Percentage completion of all tasks from the task filter
  • State: Project state: Active or Archived
  • Last ModifiedThe last time the project was modified by any user.


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