How can I upgrade my On Site Deployment (OSD)

This article applies specifically to On Site Deployment (i.e. on premise) customers.

You will occasionally receive notifications that there is new version of SD Elements that is available, normally by email). In order to upgrade your instance, please do the following:

  • SSH to your instance of SD Elements;
  • Login using your previously provided credentials
  • Check your sde version using the command:

sde version

  • If the version is less than 4 (3.X) start by updating the sde-admin tool as the root user:

sudo -i 

umask 0002 && pip install --upgrade sde-admin

  • Run the following command:

sde update

If the version of your OSD is 3.X but the pip install --upgrade sde-admin returns an error contact
If your OSD is running Ubuntu 10 please reach out to on how to upgrade.


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