Project: Move Project to Another Application

Minimum Permissions Required:

  • (Global) Delete Project, Add Project
  • (Project) View Project


There are several ways to migrate a project (and all its releases) to another application.

  1. "Move" in the Project Overview page:
  2. Quick shortcut from the dropdown in the Projects page:


From either of those links, select the destination application you would like to migrate your project (and all its releases) to and click on the "Move Project" button. 




  1. If your project has new releases, all of them will be moved to the new application. There is no way to move a subset of them at this time.
  2. The "Move" button will only be available to the "root" project. i.e. the project that is not a "new release" of any other projects. If you do not see the "Move" button, it probably means that the project you have selected is a new release of another project.
  3. You may not move a project to a deleted application.
  4. Deleted projects that are new releases of another project will remain deleted in the destination application.


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