SD Elements Feature Roadmap

Last Updated: Apr 9th, 2018


We work on an agile development basis. As a result, the roadmaps are very dynamic and we only commit to the items we are currently working on in the current iteration. This means it is not possible to provide an exact release date for each item in the roadmap with any meaningful sense of confidence until the work starts on the item.

What we can share in place of a roadmap is a general relative priority of the items in the roadmap as you can see below.

In addition, the roadmap represents only the major features. There are a large volume of small improvements that are scheduled and are continuously carried out that are not listed here for the sake of keeping it easy to digest.


As of the date shown in the Last Updated date, the feature roadmap is as follows.

Note: Training integration with SD Elements is now being considered a product of its own and as a result, the roadmap for it is being managed in a separate article: SD Elements Training Integration Roadmap.

Currently working on (Highest Priority):

- Converting the Project Tasks and Survey core pages to to new v4 look. This will also bring the API end points for Task and Survey to the new APIv2 format
-Custom Scanner Integration Framework, including converting it to the look and expanding API
- Remote Integration Agent Improvements (Easy install, integrated operation, ...)
- Risk Policy default/easy filtering in Tasks page
- Risk Policy verification support

High Priority:

- CI Dashboard Integration - Jenkins Implementation
- Multiple Content Domain (multi-survey/library) support

Medium Priority:

- Project Workflow
- Per-Release/Component/Story change survey support
- Interface Internationalization Support (Supporting Language Packs for the framework static strings)
- Global Tasks Report
- Survey settings import/export
- Improved Agile process support
- Application risk classification


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