Renaming Certain UI Elements within SD Elements

To change and/or verify these settings for your On Site Deployment of SD Elements you will need to log into the appliance using a shell/ssh client.


  1. If you are running a new build system, you need to edit the file and/or run the commands using the sde_admin role. You can run "sudo -u sde_admin -i" to switch to that user.
  2. If you have previously customized the login message or subtitle, or the terms "application", "project" and "release" using the older UI_STRs method you will want to delete them from your after making the changes outlined below. If you are confused about what needs to be removed, please get in touch with


  1. Copy the file /docs/sde/live/code/sigma/default_strings.yaml to /docs/sde/live/code/sigma/custom_strings.yaml
    cp /docs/sde/live/code/sigma/default_strings.yaml /docs/sde/live/code/sigma/custom_strings.yaml
  2. Remove any entries you wish to have keep their default values. Modify the terms you wish to customize.
  3. Change permissions on the new file: 
    chmod g+rw /docs/sde/live/code/sigma/custom_strings.yaml

In contrast to the previous system, it is now no longer necessary to specify both the singular and plural forms (e.g. 'application' -> 'product line', 'applications' -> 'product lines'). Instead, all you have to do is customize the singular form (e.g. 'application' -> 'product line') to have both singular and plural forms customized.

In addition, you may use previously defined terms in your customization. This can be accomplished using braces ('{' and '}') to reference other terms. The keyword within the braces can be capitalized if you wish to use the capitalized version of the keyword or pluralized to use the pluralized version. In addition, for organization specific keywords that will be used many times, you can define your own keywords.


Suppose you wanted to customize the term 'application' as 'product line' and have the description of adding a new 'application' changed to reflect the new terminology in your company.

  • application          : product line
  • project               : product
  • add_new_app      : A new {Application} refers to a specific group in {COMPANY_NAME} with more than 10 members dealing with a specific {project}.

i.e. Your /docs/sde/live/code/sigma/custom_strings.yaml should look like the following:

The "Create New Application" will then look like the following after customization:

Notice that in this case, 'COMPANY_NAME' is a new keyword that you can define. Since we do not want 'COMPANY_NAME' to be pluralized, we create the keyword with an underscore '_'. This tells the app not to do any additional processing on this and just provide one single version of this string.

You will need to restart the application server after changing that file. You can do so by running:

CentOs/RedHat: > sudo service httpd restart

Unbuntu: > sudo service apache2 restart

Note: You need to be running version 2.39 or higher for this. You can check the version of the running instance by looking into release notes inside the application

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