Customization for Success: Custom Phases

On occasion it may be necessary to add custom task phases to SD Elements to accurately reflect an organization’s processes and/or content. You cannot add more than two custom phases without adversely affecting the user experience. Ideally these custom phase names should be short. A common reason for adding a custom phase is when you want to create tasks for different teams other than the software development and testing teams. You will need to consult with your account representative in order to create a custom phase.

The following list describes common uses for custom phases:

  • Initiation: You have a specific project initiation phase that has certain security steps, such as defining an application’s risk classification
  • Deploy: You wish to add infrastructure hardening tasks, such as application or web server configuration tasks
  • Process: You wish to add process related tasks which do not fit within a project

Key Questions

  • Are there are any custom tasks you wish to write that do not accurately fit within the existing phases?
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