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Background: Understand: Security Tools Integration

SD Elements provides integration with common security tools. Many of these tools have advanced configuration options. Rather than requiring each project team to setup advanced configuration for each project, administrators can create integration connections that hide connection details from individual project teams.

Refer to Project : Integrations: Scanning Tools on how to setup a project integration once these connections are established.

Add/Edit Integration Connection

You can create a new integration connection by clicking on the Add Integration Connection button. You can modify an existing integration connecting by clicking on its name from the System->Integration page.

Common fields include:

  • Credentials:

    • Name: A unique name for this integration connection.
    • Server: The domain of the Security Tool server. Ensure you select the correct method: HTTPS or HTTP.
    • Username & Password: Credentials for the user in the Security Tool. This user should have access to all of the intended projects tracked the Security Tool.
    • Token: The API Token for the user who has access to all of the intended projects tracked the Security Tool.

Main Security Tool integrations page

Security Tool Connection form page


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