The URL parameters for the tasks page

In SD Elements we have an inbuilt option to use URL parameters for task page.

The default link you would land on when you try and open the project is!/phase/requirements

And the page looks like:

But as you navigate through filtering you will notice that the corresponding parameters changes in the URL as below: 

 As you notice in the screenshot above you will notice we have 4 phases a listed below

Phase Name :requirements, architecture-design, development, testing

We can use the phase in the URL parameter as below<application_name>/<project_name>/tasks/#!/phase/<Name_phase>!/phase/requirements?priority=|<priority>


Priority: high, medium, low


Category= Cryptography, Unmanaged Language, Data Privacy, Data Privacy, E-Mail, Authentication, 'XML and Web Services'

Verification= no-static, no-dynamic, pass, partial, fail, no-status

Sources=T, CT, PT


 Suppose you want to send somebody a link to just the high priority tasks that have failed validation in a particular project, you can do that by setting the filters and copying the link:!/phase/requirements?priority=|high&verification=|fail


As you can observe in the above link the parameter values are joined using '&' conditional.




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