SD Elements Content Roadmap

Last Updated: Feb 17th, 2017


We work on an agile development basis. As a result, the roadmaps are very dynamic and we only commit to the items we are currently working on in the current iteration. This means it is not possible to provide an exact release date for each item in the roadmap with any meaningful sense of confidence until the work starts on the item.

What we can share in place of a roadmap is a general relative priority of the items in the roadmap as you can see below.


As of the date shown in the Last Updated date, the content roadmap is as follows.

Currently working on (or recently finished):

- Priority Scoring based on CVSS3.0
- EU GDPR (and a review of existing privacy content)
- Code Obfuscation and Anti-Reverse Engineering (with focus on Game Security)
- Code scanner mapping update
- Python/Django
- iOS Update (Swift, and new iOS 10 features)
- Singapore Regulatory Standards
- MainFrame security (COBOL)

High priority:

- Operational & Deployment Security (based on CIS)
- Android Review and code scanning mapping update
- New tagging system for organizing content
- PCI/PA-DSS Update
- AWS Research
- SAP Security
- Banking SWIFT
- .NET update

Medium priority:

- Google Go
- Hadoop
- Java cryptographic libraries and functions
- HITRUST (Healthcare regulation)
- Risk assignment and creating diagrams for project risks


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