SDE Admin Tool

The sde admin command can be used by any user that's a member of the sde_admin group, some commands might be further restricted to users with escalated privileges.

To use the sde command simply type "sde" in any console, for help on using the sde admin command type "sde help". Help for any subcommand can be acessed using "sde subcommand --help'. For your convenience the subcommands available at the time of writing are listed below:

root@ct:/docs/sde# sde help


    apache                   Control the apache http service

    config                    Export all SDE Config and data

    database                Frequently used database commands

    manage_django      Interactive Django console

    manage_releases    Manage SDElements installed releases on your system

    nginx                     Control the nginx http service

    postgres                Control the postgres database service

    psql                      Interactive PostreSQL console

    rabbitmqctl           Interactive RabbitMQ console

    remote_support    Initiate a remote support session with SC Support

    supervisor            Interactive Supervisord console

    update                 Upgrade SDelements to a more recent version

    update_system     Trigger a system update, reparse all options in /etc/sde/custom.yaml and reapply any SDE system settings

    version             Show SDE version currently active

 (Effective as of Version 3.0)

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