Onsite Deployment: Alm Server Rename

Server and application service locations sometimes change. For example: the Alm server (ex. Rational Team Concert) you sync tasks to is moving to a bigger server to account for additional load. When the server URL changes you want to eliminate any confusion about the change: data already in the system should reflect the new context. 

The following two actions should be taken when the network location of an Alm server (Rational Team Concert, JIRA, CA Agile Central/Rally, etc.) changes:

Action 1Update the location of the server using the web interface. This will enable future syncs to use the new server.

Action 2: Update any affected references (hyperlinks): links to the old server should be changed to reflect the server's new location. 

Steps to Update Affected Server References

Follow the steps below to update the server references in existing projects.

Step 1: Identify the affected projects

Identify the projects that are affected by the server change. These projects have an Alm integration using the connector as updated in Action 1 above.

Step 2: Login to the SD Elements SSH Console

SSH into the SD Elements instance.

Step 3: Find the location of SD Elements

This is usually:


Step 4: Download

Download to your site-packages virtualenv directory:

sudo su - sde_admin -c "umask 022; wget -O /docs/sde/live/env/lib/python2.6/site-packages/"

Step 5: Run the update

For each BUSINESS_UNIT, APPLICATION and PROJECT identified in Step 1 run the following on the command-line:

/docs/sde/live/env/bin/python /docs/sde/live/env/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ modify_notes --sde_api_token="API_CONNECTION_STRING" --sde_businessunit="BUSINESS_UNIT" --sde_application="APPLICATION" --sde_project="PROJECT" --search_string="OLD_SERVER_LOCATION" --replace_string="NEW_SERVER_LOCATION"

API_CONNECTION_STRING can be retrieved using the web interface: go to the menu option in the top right of SD Elements: <user>/ API Settings. Select the API v1 tab and use the connection string displayed. Use the API connection string of a user who has write access to the project.

For example,

/docs/sde/live/env/bin/python /docs/sde/live/env/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ modify_notes --sde_api_token="" --sde_businessunit="General" --sde_application="Demo Application" --sde_project="Demo Project" --search_string="https://old.rtc.server:9443" --replace_string="https://new.rtc.server:9443"

Note: if you have any questions please contact support for additional guidance 

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