Custom Project Attributes

SD Elements allows for custom attributes to be added to projects, in addition to the built-in attributes.

A Super User must configure Custom Project Attributes. They can not be added adhoc by users.


Updating a Custom Attribute

Custom attributes can be set on the Edit Project page.

Project Overview

Custom attributes are displayed on the Project Overview page.


Custom attributes are accessible from the SD Elements API, documented here.


Permission required: Super User

The Custom Attributes page can be found in System > Custom Attributes, and will appear as follows:

If there are existing Custom Project Attributes, they will be listed:

Changes to the form will not be saved, until the Super User has clicked the "Save" button.

Deleting an Attribute

To mark an Attribute for deletion, check the "Delete" checkbox.

Reordering Attributes

Attributes can be reordered by dragging them up or down.

Adding/editing an Attribute

To edit an existing Attribute, click it's title. To add a new Project Attribute, click "Add New Attribute".

A form will be displayed, with the following fields:

  • Type
    Text or Date
  • Label
    Human-readable label that is displayed in the Project Edit form
  • Slug
    Machine-readable slug that is used in the API
  • Message
    Optional help/explanation message which is displayed in the Project Edit form
  • Mark this attribute as optional
    All custom attributes are mandatory unless this field is checked




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