Customization: Regulations

Permission required: Customize Content

You can update the regulations provided with SD Elements (PCI-DSS, COPPA, etc.). For example, you may want to augment regulations to include your organization’s best practices and guidelines. To do this, you would create custom tasks (see Customization: Tasks), then add a new section to the regulation containing your custom tasks.

You can also create new regulations. For example, you can create regulations to report on tasks that should be done at an organizational level. After updating or creating regulations, you can report against these regulations to help you determine whether you are in compliance.

The following steps describe how to create a custom regulation and how to add sections to existing regulations. To create or edit a regulation, you must login as a user with the “Customize Content” permission.

1. From the Library menu, select Regulations.

2 .To add a new regulation, click Add Regulation. To edit an existing regulation, click the regulation.

3. Enter the following information, then click Create Regulation or Save Regulation at the bottom of the page. Note that you can only change this information for regulations you have created.

3. Name Regulation name.

4. Slug Short unique identifier for the regulation.

5. Description Regulation description.

Note: To delete the regulation, click Delete Regulation at the top of the page.

To add a section to the regulation, click Add Section. To edit an existing section, click the section.

Enter the following information, then click Create Section or Save Section at the bottom of the page:

Name Section name.

Description Section description.

Tasks Select the tasks to include in the section. Note that custom tasks start with CT and tasks provided with SD Elements start with T.

Note: To delete the section, click Delete Section at the top of the page.

6. When done, click Cancel to return to the regulation.

7. To add another section to the regulation, click Add Section and follow the same steps.

8. When done adding sections, click Cancel to return to the Regulations Library. Note that your custom regulation has been added to the library.

You can now use your custom regulation in a compliance report.

1. On the Dashboard, select the project you want to report on.

2. Select Reports.

3. Beside Compliance Report, in the Download type list, select your custom regulation.

4. Select the format of the report, PDF or HTML.

5. The compliance report is created. If you selected PDF, you are prompted to save the file. If you selected HTML, the report opens in a new browser tab.


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Updates to Other Articles

Project: Reports

The “Project: Reports” article contains a list of the different compliance reports. The following highlighted text should be added to the article to explain that you can also report on custom regulations. This text includes a link to the Customization: Regulations article.

Compliance Report: Generates a report containing the completion status for all of the relevant tasks of a particular compliance regulation, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). SD Elements provides compliance reporting for the following regulations. You can also report on custom regulations (for details, see Customization: Regulations).


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