Enable/disable super user access for a user account

Access to SD Elements data and settings is generally controlled by in-app Global and Project roles, as well as group and business unit membership. However, there are certain capabilities that are reserved to a special class of user, a super user.

By default every organization has a single super user. With this super user, the following can be affected:

  • Task Statuses
  • Domain Settings
  • Single Sign-On
  • Support Log Export
  • Custom Project Attributes

This super user is typically, "", however it is possible to elevate a normal user to super user privilege. To elevate "" to a super user follow the steps below:

  1. SSH into the SD Elements instance
  2. After login, run: 
    sudo sde manage_django shell
  3. Use the Django shell session below as a guide. Type the following in your shell and replace the email address with the relevant one you wish to affect in your instance:
    from users.models import User
    u = User.objects.get(username="")
    u.is_superuser = True
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